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Player: “I’d like to cast Bardic Inspiration on Gregor.”

DM: “Ok, what do you say to inspire him?”

Player: “Uhhh….”

– or –

Player: “I’d like to cast Vicious Mockery on the bandit!”

DM: “Ok, what do you say to him?”

Player: “Uhhh…. You’re… in trouble…?”

– or –

Player: “We step into the tavern.”

DM: “Ok, it’s dimly lit, and there’s a bard playing in the corner”

Player: “What’s the bard playing?”

DM: “Uhhh….”

Tired of these scenarios?

This deck of people is a roleplaying tool for both DMs and players.

Included in this double-sided deck of 54 cards:

For Players:
– Inspirations
– A Mockery Generator
– Song titles
– Song Types/Moods

For DMs:
Templates to instantly create a bard, which describe gender, race, instrument, and performance quality. Grab a song title off the other side of the card, along with a song mood, and you can easily set the mood for an entire tavern! Is the bard in the corner softly plucking a mandolin and crooning about lost love… or are they dancing on the bar, playing a concertina loudly while the entire tavern is stomping to the beat? You decide! …or let the cards decide for you! It’s up to you! …or the cards!

Like all GameGarnish decks, parts of these cards can be mixed & matched for immense variety.

*NOTE: This deck is intended for adults only. (Some bad words inside)