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DM: “You walk into the sweltering heat of the blacksmith’s workshop, and are greeted by a middle-aged dwarf covered in soot and sweat.”

Player: “Hail Sir, I am known as Leith the Quick. And you are….?”

DM: “Ummm… Steve!”

Tired of this scenario?

This deck of people is a roleplaying tool for both DMs and players.

Included in this deck are over 1600 curated names, pulled from various cultures, different times throughout history, random name generators, as well as some that were created specifically for this deck.
All the names were hand-selected for variety, as well as pronouncability.

The surnames are a mix of actual surnames and fantasy “dwarven-style” names, such as Bronzebeard. For ease of selection they have been divided into two separate lists on each card.

Also included are “people” whose features such as physical traits, personalities, occupations, hobbies, and other facets of their identity can be shuffled around to create an immense range of possibilities.