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DM: “With a mighty swing you bring the bandit down, dead.”

Player: “I loot the bandit! What do I find?”

DM: “Three copper and his shortsword.”

Player: “Anything else?”

DM: “Ummm… no”

Tired of this scenario?

This deck of items is a roleplaying tool for DMs. (…but players could also use it when creating characters)

Included in this deck of 54 cards are hundreds of items a player might find in someone’s pocket while looting. (or in drawers, chests, and other containers)

Each card contains six mundane items, some of which repeat across multiple cards, to weight the deck for items that might show up more often than others (there are more snacks in the deck than thimbles).

There are no gems or money… those are left up to the DM to include.

Draw a card and use as-is, or draw several and pick and choose results.

By using these cards when designing NPCs, additional layers of complexity can be added. For example:

  • Why does this person carry a small horse carving? Was it a gift from their father, or a favorite toy of a deceased child?