Wild Magic

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Sorcerer: “I cast __. Shoot, I rolled a one!”

DM: “Ok, roll on the wild magic table”

Sorcerer: flips through PHB, rolls dice, reads result

Tired of this scenario?

This deck of wild magic effects is a roleplaying tool for DMs.

This deck is intended to be used for wild magic effects DURING COMBAT 

Included in this deck of 54 double-sided cards are 108 wild magic effects. Unlike most wild magic tables or lists, this deck also randomizes WHO the effect happens to. Random invisibility suddenly isn’t so great when it can happen to your foes!

For best results, this deck is intended to be used during combat only.

Draw one card and use as-is, or draw two for much more variety. (Intended use for this deck is drawing two) Targets include self, nearest enemy, furthest ally, and many more!